Author's Bay: South

Ale Paul is from Argentina, and timidly defines himself as a “graphic designer who designs types for graphic designers”. He has 70 published type families under his belt and almost 2 years ago he was selected to be part of AGI. The Alliance Graphique Internationale is a club of the world’s leading graphic artists and designers. There are about 420 members from 36 countries. Ale was the first -and only to date- Argentine member, boosting South America’s position and recognition in the international design scene.

As I said before, he defines himself just as “graphic designer who designs types for graphic designers”. Since i think he is that, and much more, I made him this Author’s Bay interview.

He’s now releasing his new type, Rolling Pen.

The music in the video are remixes by Gaby Kerpel and some tunes by La Yegros, plus, featuring Treeless Forest in a short film I made for Ale’s Rolling Pen release following the interview. Bechen helped me with the sound design/mixing.

Hope you enjoy it.


NAVE is an indie game created by Hernán and Máximo. It’s a classic shoot-em-up game where the spaceship simply needs to get its way across a bullet-hell of alien spaceships, turbos, energies and bombs, towards infinity. But getting to infinity doesn’t matter. All that matters is resisting.

Hernán and Maxi did the game design and programming, respectively. The design and set up of the actual arcade experience was powered by 4 other creatives: El Gaita, GoyoAxtor and Fer.

The game is meant to be experienced only on arcade. Not on keyboard. To get the full feel of it, you need to play it face to face to the actual machine. The game is only playable on arcade.

Even if NAVE has a tad of nostalgia factor thrown into it, it is not meant to be a homage to old arcades -although it perfectly could be-. Don’t be confused. NAVE is not just a game. It has a joystick, it has a button, but it’s not just a game. NAVE is not just about a spaceship, launched from Buenos Aires’ obelisk, fighting alien spaceships, resisting the longest, and teaching a new generation the values of resistance, in today’s day and age. No it is not.

NAVE is also what makes you feel when you experience it in person. And a game that requests, nay, demands… for your presence, your attention, in person… well, let’s say it’s not an everyday thing.